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Every individual & the respective firms have different requirements and agenda for immigration. Post the discussion and consultation an appropriate visa can be chosen, which would vary depending upon the goals, purposes, business, industry etc. of the business & the employee. Complete assessment and concrete business plans helps in finalizing the type of visa they would opt for. We at Pu-Folkes Law Group understand the importance of immigration for the business as well as the employees; hence we carefully setup the programme.

Given below are the types of visa that can be opted:

  • H1-B Visa: This is a distinctive visa provided to individuals in expert role which can include scientist, doctors, engineer, and software developers etc. Who are seeking temporary employment in the state.
  • L1 Visa: This visa is given to individual getting transferred internally also known as intra company transfer, I.e. transferring the employee to an foreign entity but they need to be employed with the firm for a year or more to be eligible.
  • B1 Visa: This visa is granted to an individual visiting for a business purpose. It is granted for short trips which include business matters like negotiations, training, conferences and consultation.
  • F1 Opt Extensions: This is a student visa provided with STEM opt which grants 24 months allowance for the students who wish to complete an initial year of work authorization.
  • O1 Visa: The visa is granted to individuals with distinctive accomplishments and individuals who are appointed in the science, sports or occupational fields.
  • EB Visa: This visa is granted to individuals whose company sponsor them permanent residence. This might include skilled workers or others.

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